KAREN                                              WOOD


Sales Person

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After a successful career in hospitality management, my transition into real estate seemed only natural. My experience in the service industry has allowed me to appreciate how imperative customer satisfaction is. As a wife and a mother of two grown children I value family and I understand how interconnected a family and the place they call home are

I love to travel and have even spent some time living away from Nova Scotia but have always been proud to call Halifax home, the city's rich history and panoramic seaside views are just few of the qualities that make this area so uniquely special, I currently reside in Rockingham, although my knowledge and familiarity stretch far beyond my own community

I have consistently exhibited unrivaled dedication in everything I do. My unwavering commitment to ensure the happiness of my clients is the driving force behind all of my professional goals. Whether you are planning to buy or sell your home I can be an asset in helping you to navigate through the maze of details and decisions that accompany such an important event