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Cheryl Cook

Sales Person

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I love homes.

Small or large. Plain or simple. Interiors and exteriors. I love homes. Growing up in a military family, I lived all over Canada, so moving home was a regular experience - and one that taught me to see the potential in just about any space.

That eye for potential eventually led to a business helping clients design and achieve the interiors of their dreams, as well as writing about these for Saltscapes Magazine. 

And now I help people buy and sell their homes - clarifying what can sometimes seem like a daunting process, learning what they need and want from a purchase or sale, and then formulating a plan to achieve this together. 

I also love Nova Scotia. I’ve lived in Halifax and Dartmouth most of my life and know the neighborhoods and quirks of these places intimately. This is a great place to call home, whether you’re in Wedgewood or Southdale, whether you want that quiet family neighborhood or an urban condo. There’s something for everyone and I’m excited to help you find your dream home.

Give me a call or drop me a note. We’ll have a coffee and talk homes.