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We can confidently say there is no other Lake property like this one. About 300 acres, ONE MILE of lake frontage, a beach at least a thousand feet long, south sloping.... Complete privacy, the lake shore is a mile off a paved road but road and power are almost to the shore. A barn in excellent condition, wired, provides a perfect base. Over 40 acres are rolling meadows with a commanding view as they slope gradually down towards the lake. Most of the rest of the acreage is wooded, with hardwood, softwood and mixed forests. Right at the edge of the lake are some of the largest oak trees ever seen around here. Views are all around, east and west, sunrise and sunset over the lake, and south - straight down the length of the lake - is over 8 miles of water. There are at least a couple of miles of woods roads and trails on the property. Wildlife abounds: hawks frequent the fields, a pair of loons are nearby on the lake..... So far there are no buildings on the land except for the barn. The lake is crystal clear on the coarse sandy beach. There is power to the barn and beyond, and water, and a solid road from the highway all the way to the barn. Altogether there is nothing like this property available in Inverness County: a huge parcel of land in an idyllic lakeside setting. And all just 10 minutes from Inverness and civilisation, but another world here.

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Demographic data is based on the dissemination area that contains the listing parcel . Dissemination Areas are small areas composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. All of Canada is divided into dissemination areas. Data source: Environics Analytics via ArcGIS Online, 2017

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Year Amount % Change
2018 $71,100 ---
2017 $71,100 0.3
2016 $70,900 1.6
2015 $69,800 0.1
2014 $69,900 13.7
2013 $61,500 26.6
2012 $83,800 ---


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