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GU-1 zoned and is the largest in a newly developing community of 17 lots at the end of Pockwock Road. At 4.8 acres, the lot is at the more secluded end of the lake, bordered on one side by Lot #2 and on the other by land that is not being developed. The land across the lake is part of the protected area surrounding Pockwock Lake, so your view across the lake will always be natural and never marred by further development. The lot is 800’ from road to lakeside, guaranteeing privacy and virtually no sound from the road. Lot is 150’ wide at the road, 170’ of water frontage. The dimensions expand in the middle providing flexibility to build a large driveway, garage, etc without restriction. The lakefront features a moderate hill approximately 40’ high, perfect for situating a house and providing great views of the water. A walking path has been cut down to the lake and the hill/hilltop overlooking the water is partially cleared, making access to the lake and envisioning plans/setting up for development infinitely easier. Water in front of the lot is 9.5’ to 12’ deep, perfect for swimming, canoeing and kayaking. Pockwock Falls hiking trail is located just up the road and there is a gas station, farm market and school located at the end of the road (5 minute drive). Close to all amenities on Hammonds Plains Road, 15 minutes into Bedford, and 30 minutes into downtown. This is a unique opportunity to develop a large lot with unlimited privacy and natural beauty. Development is for residential homes making this lot perfect for the combination of country while being close to the city.

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Halifax Regional Municipality Data

By-Law Code: 11
By-Law Area
Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville
By-Law Code: HPSBB

Polling District
Hammonds Plains - St. Margarets
Concillor: Matt Whitman
Waste Collection
Contractor: Green For Life

Demographic Data

Demographic data is based on the dissemination area that contains the listing parcel . Dissemination Areas are small areas composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. All of Canada is divided into dissemination areas. Data source: Environics Analytics via ArcGIS Online, 2017

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Tax Assessment

Year Amount % Change
2018 $95,000 ---
2017 $95,000 ---
2016 $95,000 66.7
2015 $57,000 3.1
2014 $55,300 ---
2013 $55,300 ---
2012 $55,300 ---


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