Jennifer                                           Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Sales Person

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Hello and Thank you for looking. 

Are you in the market for a home and unsure where to start? 

Are you looking for a new or existing home?

I am experienced in relocation from province to province. Affiliated with Brookfield Relocation services.

Found many homes for interested buyers and sellers.

Knowledge and experience in finding and negotiating bank foreclosures. 

I am also working with many buyers looking for investment opportunities.

Knowledge of business protocol, and running of successful businesses.

I am a very hard worker who strives to complete all tasks handed my way. I am always looking for something to do to enhance my life experience, and help others to achieve this goal as well. 

I am a happy go lucky person, very energetic, and involved when my help is required. I have a lot of time and energy to commit to projects whatever they may be.

If there is ever something I can help you or someone you know with, I am more than happy to help. ;)

 There is no place like HOME, and I intend to help you find yours!