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I am Chelsea LeFort, and I'm a strong believer in being DIFFERENT!

I am originally from Cape Breton; (although I didn't stick around long enough to pick up the accent..) & once I moved to Halifax at the age of 4, it wasn't long after that I found myself enrolled at Taiso Gymnastics.

Gymnastics is literally the foundation I have built my life on. Through 10 years of intense, elite level gymnastics, I have learned to set goals, visualize, follow a strict schedule, reflect on mistakes and learn from them, & to go after what you want. Although 25 hours of gymnastics each week; before and after school didn’t come easy- I sincerely relate so many aspects within my business to the skillset I have learned as an athlete.

Becoming a Realtor® in 2011 was a natural fit for me as I grew up around new construction homes; as the daughter of a builder. To some – we would be looking at a pile of sticks after a long hike up through the woods. To me, my two brothers & my mom- we were used to the Sunday drive to “our new home”- as our father would explain the whole house plan right down to the kitchen cabinets, before the lot was even cleared.

My goal as a Realtor® is to bring value to my clients, even if that means being a little different than your typical Real Estate Agent. A couple examples of this:

  • My program for 1st Time Home Buyers (Start with Square-1 Program); I want to educate the younger generation that they CAN buy a house sooner than they think. And I will even work with clients a year or so before they actually buy a house to get them on the right track to be proactive & prepare for this process.
  • My listing marketing; to ensure we are getting as much exposure as we possibly can- I will do different style marketing. Even if that means being silly with social media posts or taking videos to engage my audience so more people will see your listing.

All in all, I am extremely passionate about what I do, and genuinely enjoy being a part of this process with so many friends, family members, neighbours & having the opportunity to meet new friends through referrals.

Hopefully I will be meeting you soon :)